Year 6 Disasters showcase


Voices blaring no peace and quiet, yes every person having fun all enjoying themselves. I’m the most excited person in my group in floods. When the first person asked me a question I stop I can’t breathe then I just come out with it. It is scary but I do it, I should be good on the next question it should be good. Ok now the next person came. OK let’s see how I go this time I’m hoping I don’t get worried, that’s OK I answered the question about floods. It was a bit hard ensuring to answer the questions because kept I forgetting the question I was so nervous. Then more and more people came to the table. At least 100 people came to my table and I wasn’t scared any more. More people look at all my work, then I got used to people asking me questions and I wasn’t so scared.  All up I really enjoyed the showcase.


Click on the picture to read my Report about Floods.


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